Bloks is 100%
Responsive and mobile optimized
Responsive and mobile optimized
Fast, safe and reliable
Fast, safe and reliable

Including SSL encryption

SEO friendly
SEO friendly
With BLoks you have:

With BLoks you have:

  • Control over your own content
  • One dashboard for content and marketing
  • Userfriendly content editor
  • Simplicity in the use of photos and videos
  • An interactive platform including forms and (WhatsApp) chat function
  • Google Analytics support
  • GDPR proof
  • Updates and upgrades guarantee
  • Free media launch package worth € 2500
  • Shop with shopping cart, payment and discount codes
    (only BLoks Shop 🛒)

BLoks Site

BLoks Site is the ideal environment to quickly launch a website with a number of flexible templates in your corporate identity, on your own domain. The costs for setup, design and content are € 5000. A monthly fee of € 64 includes the use of Snakeware.Cloud and hosting. A perfect solution for companies that quickly want a reliable website with content of their own.


Click here for a live example of BLoks site.

Bloks Shop

With BLoks Shop we offer a great solution to quickly and easily launch a versatile webshop with a number of templates and shop pages. The one-time investment for a BLoks Shop is €7000 for setup, design and content and a monthly fee of € 128 for Snakeware.Cloud and hosting. BLoks Shop is the perfect webshop for companies and organizations who want a safe, reliable and well-converting webshop where they are in control in terms of products, content and communication. 


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