Cloud-first headless CMS

From its start in 1999, Snakeware has been developing one user friendly platform to manage digital content, commerce and marketing in the cloud. We've developed Snakeware.Cloud CMS at first for and by its end users, in other words: the editors and marketers of our clients. But now, it's time to make other marketeers and front-end developers happy with our platform. With our intuitive dashboard you can manage all kinds of data driven commerce solutions. Such as, websites, webshops, narrowcasting (digital signage), interactive kiosks, intranet, or even print, and always in a user-friendly way.


"Without knowing it, we turn out to be te creators of the first Cloud based CMS in 2000. Since then we have been building hunderds of sites with our powerfull platform and now its available for other agencies to built their award winning sites on."

"It is our mission to create result driven e-business solutions."

"It is our mission to create result driven e-business solutions."

Our mission

Privacy and security

Snakeware.Cloud is constantly monitored and automatically provided with updates and upgrades. It is periodically audited by a third party, probing for possible weak spots in the architecture and code. By constantly investing in both Snakeware.Cloud and its middleware we keep the environments we build and manage for our customers safe. Privacy and Security are focus points within the projects that Snakeware executes with its clients.

Integration possibilities

Snakeware.Cloud, our Digital eXperience Platform, has been developed with an open vision. Our CMS platform is an extremely suitable platform for creating links with a wide variety of data sources such as CRM systems, ERP systems, reservation systems, etc. Snakeware.Cloud uses many open standards, API's and applying the latest middleware and front-end frameworks and techniques.

Modular expandable

Snakeware.Cloud, the Digital eXperience Platform, is modular expandable and, in addition to the extensive standard functionality, has a large number of modules, plug-ins and widgets to expand the management environment as desired. Think of Google Analytics, Outlook mail and Google Ads.


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